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The Idea


Set boundaries at home with Casper Studio*: Casper's new line of Murphy beds designed for the modern at-home worker.

*Product innovation and rollout campaign

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After COVID hit, people around the world realized that their spaces weren't set up for them to work from home, and the attempt to balance life and work in one space caused increased levels of stress.  


The truth is that most people expect to continue working from home long after COVID subsides, meaning that the challenge we're faced with here isn't COVID-dependent. 


Although people are unhappy sharing their home office with their bedroom, most are unwilling to consider a multipurpose bed due to perceived lack of comfort and style.

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Space Flexibility 

There is a need for space flexibility due to working from home, and this need will continue due to the lasting effects of the pandemic.

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Office in the Bedroom

Having one's office in the bedroom has created a wellness gap, affecting the ability to mentally separate work, home, and sleep.

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Multifunction ≠ Comfort

While on paper, flexible furniture options are a solution, they are not yet mainstream—lacking comfort, sexiness and ease. 

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Casper considers themselves a technology company that prioritizes mental wellness. They are well known for their emphasis on comfort, minimalist style and ease of use, perfectly positioning them to introduce a solution to the work from home challenge we've identified. 

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Casper launches Casper Studio: a murphy bed for the modern day worker.

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The Casper Studio Bed

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Casper Studio

While existing murphy beds have focused on selling product benefits, Casper will plant their flag on higher ground by focusing on how their murphy bed can help lighten the mental load of working from home.

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Casper Studio creates boundaries in your physical space that make it easier to set boundaries in your mental space.

Getting the Word Out

An OOH + social campaign showcases the bed in an aesthetically pleasing way and gears messaging toward people who're going through the struggle of working from home.


The campaign line is Set Boundaries in Your Space. 

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See it on

Casper Studio will differentiate itself on the Casper website with its own tab, so that it remains positioned to continue innovating outside of the brand's core offerings without feeling disjointed. 

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See it in Your Room 

Casper knows the importance of ease when deciding what products to use in your space. We use AR to help people see the bed in their room and determine if it will work for them.

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