Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 

Challenge — Magic Eraser is a cleaning product, as I'm sure you're well aware. It's hard to make that seem fun. 
Insight — Magic Eraser removes the seemingly impossible to remove, thus proving that nothing is permanent. Please keep in mind that Magic Eraser cannot be held responsible if any of these ads cause you to have an existential crisis. 


Bathtub Mockup FINAL BOOK.jpeg
Banister Mockup FINAL.jpeg
Oven Mockup FINAL.jpeg
Wild Posting Mockup.png

Instagram stories —


PR Stunt —

Magic Eraser calls out Sharpie 

pr mockup.jpg
Mockup Twitter 1 BOOK.png
Mockup Twitter 2 BOOK.png

To wrap it all up —

Naturally, someone would be concerned, right? Right. 
Cut Mockup.png

Made with Chrissy Boals