The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Challenge — Create an awareness campaign for the event and entice everyone to tune in. 
Insight — People love the Westminster Dog Show. But they don't love it in the same way they love watching their favorite sports team compete. It's not about the competition, it's about the absurdity of it all. And the dogs. Of course it's about the dogs. This campaign draws attention to the event's humor in a way they've never done before. And for the record, we made ads for dogs before Away luggage did. Water under the bridge, though. 

Posters —

Ads for dogs 

#1 source WEB.jpg
lift your leg WEB.jpg
Tune in WEB.jpg

Placement — 

hair 2 dog.png
sparkles-02 2.png
pee mockup.jpg
sparkles-02 2.png

:30 TV spots —

Instagram series — 

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Westminster IG Phone 1.png
Westminster IG Phone Jump.png
Westminster IG Phone 3.png
Westminster IG Phone Grass.png

Innovation —

An AR experience on the Westminster app that reveals what your dog is actually thinking

CHEWY Mockup.png

Merch —

Because every dog is Best in Show at something, even if that something is just eating and drinking

dog bowl mockup.jpg
Dog Water Bowl.jpg
Dog Food Bowl.jpg

Made with Chrissy Boals 

And a special thanks to Mia, Finley and Gussie for inspiring this work throughout