Challenge — People judge Funyuns without getting to know Funyuns. It's a predicament as old as time, or as old as the light and airy onion-flavored snack, which would make it as old as 1969. So how might we encourage people to, at the very least, give the snack a chance? 

Insight — If Funyuns want a chance, they just need to candidly ask for one. 


Subway station takeover 


Social Pre-Roll —


Brand Act/PR Move —

Funyuns use their platform to provide second chances to people who blew it on a first date. Because if anyone knows the value of a second chance, they do.


Merch —

Funyun breath is no different from onion breath. It's all a part of the process. At least with this mint, you can give yourself the chance to make a good first impression. 

Stunt —

In the spirit of chances, Funyuns partner with Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen. These chefs are on their last legs of the competition, and to make it a little bit harder, and a lot funnier, they'll have to incorporate Funyuns into the last chance dishes. 


Made with Grant Bauley